Rich Fibers Art Exhibit by Stephanie J. Roth


Steph Roth Pano

‘Rich Fibers’ is the latest art exhibit to grace the walls of The Grange Restaurant and Local Market in Warwick, NY through July 2016 with a special after-hours art opening scheduled for June 26 from 5:00-7:30pm . Artist Stephanie Joyce Roth presents her self-commissioned collection of sheep paintings inspired by a visit to the Catskill Merino Sheep Farm in Goshen, NY. This most recent work of Roth captures the essence of daily activity and interaction amongst a flock of sheep.


Décor and ambience at The Grange are not the only characteristics that suit the current art exhibit by Roth. The symbiotic relationship between the venue, the art subject, the farm and its purveyors and caretakers, and the artist weaves a story that portrays the benefits gained through mutual interaction of local farmers, the businesses that sell locally farmed products and the community support of both.

Catskill Merino Farm_Lambing“During a spring visit to Catskill Merino Sheep Farm, I instantly felt the love and dedication that Shepherdess  Dominique Herman holds for these magnificent creatures,” said Roth. A photograph taken at sunset of ewes on the pasture during lambing season was shown to Roth prior to her visit. She was overcome by the beauty of the birthing of the lambs and was immediately compelled to capture and share these images even before she visited the farm. “Dominique has a unique bond with the sheep and allowed me to interact with the herd and feel the connection that they share. I was immediately inspired to illustrate this undeniable tie that Dominique has with the sheep on canvas,” Roth explained. The ‘Rich Fibers’ series depicting everyday life of sheep on the farm was born.


File_003 (1)An artist reception is scheduled for June 26, 2016 from 5:00pm-7:30pm at The Grange located at 1 Ryerson Road, Warwick NY. Artist Stephanie Roth, owner of The Grange Jim Haurey and shepherdess  NY, specializing in acrylic media on canvas, wood and other found objects. Roth’s extensive body of work captures the unconscious essence of people, animals, places and objects through her eclectic use of color and texture and has been highlighted in several group and solo exhibitions throughout the Hudson Valley. 





Stephanie Roth_StudioRoth co-owns ‘A Working Studio’ situated in the heart of the Warwick Village where a collection of her art can be viewed during studio hours and she is also on staff at The Grange. Roth holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from William Paterson University. Her life is her art and her family and being in nature with her two happy dogs and partner, Brittney Hiller who is the sous chef at The Grange.


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